Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks: First Impressions

So I bought these Stila Liquid Lipsticks from Amazon with a gift card. It seems like everyone has been on the liquid lipstick bandwagon this year, me included. Before purchasing these, I’ve only owned two ColourPop Ultra Mattes and two Lip Tars. Overall, I really like the Stila liquid lipstick formula. Below I’ll go into more detail as well as show some swatches.


Packaging: Very cute with the gold lettering and cap. Although, the material used for the cap feels like a cheap kind of plastic. The bottles may be plastic as well, but that is OK with me because they’re less likely to break!

Smell: These smell like vanilla? sugar? It’s a nice sweet smell 😊

Application: Bellissima and Patina were opaque and even with application. Aria was a bit patchy and had to be touched up because the spots with more product were noticeably darker. The applicator almost had too much product as a little goes a long way. The consistency is like a moussey liquid, not runny, but not dry. They take about 30 seconds to fully dry matte. Do not pucker or rub your lips together before they dry or they will crack. If you want a second layer, wait for the first to fully dry.



  • Bellissima: This is a very peachy nude. I would not recommend this for people with cool undertones. I like wearing peachy lip colors a lot and so I like this. It doesn’t wash out my NC 20 skin. If you are NC35 or darker, definitely steer clear of this one.
  • Patina: This is a muted purple. It reminds me of MAC up the amp but much more wearable. This brings out the green in my eyes. I think this would work with all but the darkest skin tones.
  • Aria: This is a wine color that is closer to purple than red. It is surprisingly wearable and not too vampy. This will work for all skin tones. It’s not too blue for warmer skin tones to pull off.

Comfort: I immediately noticed that this formula is a lot less drying than my ColourPop LLs. The formula is very comfortable and feels less like cement on my lips and more like nothing is on my lips.
Lasting power: I have been wearing Aria for an hour now, and just ate a large shrimp taco for dinner. Not the most greasy thing, but I was NOT ladylike about it and just went ham. I noticed some transfer as I was eating but when I looked in the mirror after, the color on my lips was still perfect. I would trust this formula with eating and drinking, unless there is straight up oil involved in your meal. Salad dressing is a big one to break down liquid lipsticks.

Overall this formula would be great for going out drinking and some eating. Overall I am very please with these liquid lipsticks and cannot wait to wear them out and about!

💜 Jen


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