Brow Pencil Dupes: Anastasia Brow Wiz & NYX Micro Brow Pencil

Since 2013, eyebrows have been a THING in the makeup world. Years prior, no one really did much with their eyebrows besides keeping them trimmed, plucked, and waxed. Putting makeup on eyebrows was not a thing that people did. It was something that mostly makeup artists would do for clients, but in 2013, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram brought “Power Brows” to mainstream makeup. And by “mainstream makeup,” I mean makeup that regular, everyday people will actually wear and will buy specific products to do that. Eyeliner was not a part of mainstream makeup until the 60’s. Eyebrows weren’t a part of mainstream makeup until the 2010’s.

One of the best known, cult-favorite eyebrow products is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. It’s an ultra-thin brow pencil with an attached spoolie. It doesn’t sound like much, but this product also comes in a lot of realistic eyebrow shades, which was something that was hard to find several years ago unless you were looking at pro makeup artist brands.

I’ve owned it for a few months, and I think it’s fantastic. I’ve tried several brow products in the past few years, and I think this one is the most fool-proof and easy-to-use products to get really great, NATURAL looking eyebrows. I adore all of Anastasia’s products that I’ve tried.

Now I love to find dupes. Mostly because I enjoy getting essentially the same product for less money. The dupe for the brow wiz that is often talked about is the NYX Micro Brow Pencil. So I decided to try it for myself.


I’ve been using the NYX Micro Brow Pencil for over a week, and, for all intents and purposes, it is the same product as the Brow Wiz. I know that the ingredients are different and that the shades are slightly different, but the similarities are extreme:

  • Packaging: One thing I love about NYX is that they make it blatantly obvious which products they are trying to dupe. These companies MUST get the packaging for these products from the same manufacturer. They are exactly the same. My picture does not include the full packing because the spoolie on my brow wiz broke a while back. The caps seem to go on the same, although on the brow wiz, both caps are the same length, whereas on the NYX Micro Brow, both caps are different sizes. I remember reading that Anastasia actually recently made this packaging change. Both pencils have the same amount of product at 0.003 oz.
  • Formula/Application: I do not find any difference in the application of these two products. The Anastasia MIGHT be a little smoother, but they are essentially the same. I find that they both last all day with some brow gel and setting spray.
  • Shades: These products do not have identical shades. In the swatch above, I’ve shown the NYX equivalent to ABH’s Medium Brown, which is Ash Brown. It’s funny because Ash Brown is warmer than Medium Brown. This isn’t really a problem for me personally because my hair is a bit warm-toned, but for someone with really ashy colored hair, that might be a problem and they might want to check the Anastasia range for a better match.

Overall, I recommend both of these products. I think they both are absolutely fantastic for creating a fuller, shapely, but natural, eyebrow. They are quick to use for everyday. If you can find a shade match in the NYX, you may want to just buy that because it is half the price.

❤ Jen

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