Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Palette: Review & Swatches

Matte eyeshadow has had a huge comeback in the past year or so. In the 90’s, matte eyeshadow was just what everyone wore. In the 2000’s, glitter and shimmer came in with a vengeance, taking over the mainstream. Nowadays, eyeshadow formulas have improved immensely, especially matte eyeshadow formulas. And it seems like lately everyone is channeling the 90’s, matte eye shadows included. Now, whether or not they are in style, I think a palette with basic matte eyeshadows can be very useful to anyone.


Today I’m reviewing the Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Palette. This palette is extremely popular and for good reason. I bought this a few weeks ago and I’ve used it about 5 or 6 times and I have used every shade at least once.

Color Selection:

This palette is arranged in 3 quads in neutral, cool, and warm toned colors. Each quad has a highlight shade, base shade, and two darker shades. This makes this palette extremely versatile. The color selection allows people of virtually any skin tone to get good use out of most, if not all, of the shades.


You’ve got highlights ranging from white to beige, a mid tone brown, peach, and gray, and darker colors in browns, grays, a nice reddish brown, and of course a matte black. Even if you are not using this palette alone in a look, it is a palette that can be very complementary to other palettes that have neutral shades but not a lot of mattes (looking at you, Urban Decay).


The formula of these shadows is a bit similar to LORAC’s eyeshadow formula. They are very pigmented and creamy. It is very easy to pick up a lot of pigment without even trying. In fact, with some of the shades, you have to be very careful or you will end up with way too much product on your eyes. Here I have some swatches:


Some of the shadows clumped up when swatching. They are a bit difficult to swatch, because any amount of pressure will pick up a lot of pigment and it will clump up. These shadows perform much better with brushes. Regardless, even from these swatches you can see the deep pigment in all of these shadows. Brushes will kick up some of the pigment, but the shadows are not powdery or dry in any way – it’s just that when they have SO much pigment, you have to be delicate with the brushes. I didn’t experience any fallout while actually applying the shadows to my eyes.

The bendablility of the shadows is fantastic. I used the reddish brown the other day and applied WAY too much on a crease brush not knowing how pigmented it was, and I was able to diffuse it out nicely without too much effort or frustration. It is very easy to get a gradient crease effect with this palette.

With an eye primer, these shadows stay put all day. They don’t migrate away from where they are placed. I also didn’t experience any creasing with an eye primer even for 12+ hour wear.


This palette is extremely useful to me as a staple and shade-filler in my collection. I own a lot of palettes that are heavy on the shimmer, and having something like this makes it easy to just whip this out along with literally any other palette and I’m able to get a full look easily. I love that there are shades in neutral, cool, and warm undertones. The formula is very high quality and the color selection is just so great for doing a wide variety of looks. I am very happy that I decided to buy this palette.

❤ Jen


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