Dose of Colors Matte Lipstick Review

Recently I discovered the fabulous YouTuber Stephanie Nicole who has a long series of liquid lipstick reviews. She has 30+ reviews of different liquid lipstick formulas and they are all very consistent, unbiased, and systematic reviews. I noticed that out of all of her liquid lipstick reviews, Dose of Colors had the #1 spot, tied with Lime Crime and Makeup Monsters. I’ve always been curious about Dose of Colors but never purchased from them because I thought they were priced a bit high for a “youtube/instagram brand.”

Dose of Colors is an indie brand started by the instagram-famous makeup artist Anna Petrosian. The brand seemed to come out of nowhere a couple of years ago when a bunch of Youtubers were being sent PR packages of their regular lipsticks. The brand has since launched lip glosses, matte lipsticks, false eyelashes, eyeshadows, highlighters, and makeup brushes. All of their products are cruelty free.


I fell in LOVE with swatches of the matte lipstick “Stone” which is one of the colors I bought along with “Bare With Me.” So I placed an order and here was my experience with these lipsticks:


  • The ordering was very easy; this company takes major credit cards and PayPal.
  • There is a flat $5.50 shipping rate to the US (meh.)
  • My order arrived in 3 days (it came early! It was originally supposed to arrive monday but USPS got it to my apartment on Saturday. Sadly I didn’t know this UNTIL Monday or I could have worn my lipsticks even earlier! Oh well.)
  • The lipsticks were $18 each, and after shipping my total was $41.50.

Here is what the packaging looks like:


So it comes in a cute branded padded envelope with a little business card, a sticker, the invoice (not pictured), and the products. I love the frosted bottle packaging. It think it looks sleek and pretty.



  • Cruelty Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Vegan
Top: Bare with Me, Bottom: Stone


  • These liquid lipsticks swatch nicely. They have a moussey texture and a nice, curved applicator that is easier to use than your typical doe foot applicator. On my skin, NC20, Stone is a mid-tone purpley nude, and Bare with Me is a warm, rosy nude.

Top: Stone, Bottom: Bare with Me

Bare with Me on my lips.
Stone on my lips.

Here are some lip swatch videos from YouTube:


Formula & Wear Time:

This formula is VERY comfortable upon initial application. If you have never worn liquid lipstick before, then let me tell you that some formulas can feel very dry as if someone put superglue on your lips and let it sit there until it wasn’t sticky anymore. Other formulas feel nice and creamy but transfer and fade withing a couple of hours and stand no chance against any type of food, so at that point you may as well wear a regular lipstick. I found this formula to be very comfortable but with lasting power comparable to brands with drier, thinner formulas. The product applies evenly and the color is opaque; it does not excessively emphasize the texture of my lips.

After initial application: 7:30 AM (This is a horrible quality photo so maybe the full face picture above is a better indication of what it looks like freshly applied. I took this on the train on my front-facing camera on my iPhone.)

To me, this formula is VERY durable for how comfortable it is. Drinking will not take away the color, and non-greasy foods are also okay. For me, this lasted through a breakfast of shredded wheat cereal (dry) and a smoothie, and for lunch I heated up frozen chicken nuggets and ate some “doritos” from Trader Joe’s.

After breakfast and lunch: 3:00 PM. You can see how dry my lips look after 2 meals and 7-8 hours of wear. 

At lunch, I started to notice transfer to my soda can. In the immediate hours after lunch, it started to feel more dry and I was rubbing my lips together a lot. It still felt comfortable enough to keep going; nothing painful at all, but I knew it probably was looking dry. At 3 PM, I gave up and applied some chapstick, wiped away the excess, and reapplied. The reapplication looked the same as the initial application. I took the above photo in fluorescent lighting and made sure to not edit out any of the texture of my lips. You can see how dry my lips were starting to look and how the color was starting to fade away on the inner portions of my lips.


I can say that this is easily my favorite liquid lipstick formula that I’ve tried. Out of the formulas I’ve tried, this is the order that I like them in:

  1. Dose of Colors – Comfortable, 7-8 hour wear time, Not the biggest shade range but all the colors are trendy and look flattering for many.
  2. Stila – Also very comfortable, but does not stand up to eating/drinking well at all.
  3. ColourPop – Lasts like superglue on the lips, 8+ hour wear time, but looks and feels very dry from initial application onward. Excellent shade range.
  4. Sephora Luster Matte – These are not technically “liquid lipsticks” but they wear like them. Excellent wear time unless you plan on eating or drinking. Comfortable. Small shade range.
  5. OCC Lip Tars – Sometimes these do not set and they do not last well. The packaging is inconvenient if you need to reapply.

I really love how comfortable the Dose of Colors formula is. I already want to order more matte lipsticks from Dose of Colors! I’m super excited to actually try Stone on my lips because I LOVE purpley lipsticks.

You can find the Dose of Colors matte lipsticks here. Keep in mind that this is a smaller brand and so they often have products sold out for long periods of time. From my experience, they seem to care very much about the quality of their products which is why they are priced relatively high.

That’s all! Feel free to leave questions or comments below!

❤ Jen


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10 thoughts on “Dose of Colors Matte Lipstick Review

  1. Very descriptive post…thank u for that. I did see Katie Danger lip swatch video and that’s when I became hooked!


      1. Hahaha yeesss!!!! Although I do like the still photos I do enjoy the videos as well!


  2. Very descriptive, I thank u for this post. I did see the Katie Danger lip swatch video of these lipsticks and that’s when I became hooked!


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