Products I Regret Buying!

Regrets. We all have them. In life, in love, and most of all, in makeup purchases. Makeup purchase regrets are like a bad relationship. The love you once felt has eroded away into resentment and a lack of appreciation.

So in no particular order of hatred, here are some products I regret buying:

  • ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip in LycheeIMG_4521
    • I own 5 of these ultra mattes, and they are all good except for this one. I don’t know why it’s the only one that’s awful but it’s as dry as the Sahara desert, and super patchy. And applying a second layer makes it crumble off my lips.
  • Stila Stay All Day Lipstick in Bellissima
    • I love the formula of the Stila liquid lipsticks. The problem with this particular one is the color is ugly AF on my face. Like I have never and will never leave the house with this on. I’ve attached some photo evidence if you don’t believe me. I may salvage this by mixing in a darker liquid lip to create a shade I can wear in public.

  • Urban Decay Ammo PaletteIMG_4511
    • I bought this because it was on sale. “$16 for an Urban Decay palette? What a great deal!” (Life pro tip: it’s not a good deal if you never use it.) I have used this maybe three times? These are colors I would have loved in middle school but unfortunately my boring adult self never finds a use for them. This palette may find a new home with my younger sister.
  • NYX Jumbo Eye PencilsIMG_4524
    • I hate these? I don’t get why these are so universally loved. They are so hard
      to get on the lid – they tug at my skin and then need to be blended out after application with a dense brush to tug on the lid again. That’s too much effort for me. I’m not really into the whole cream eyeshadow thing. (except Colourpop because those are just everything.) The only one I am okay with is the white shade to use under anything I need to really pop.
  • Maybelline Eyeshadow Quad in “Give Me Gold.”IMG_4525
    • Do not give me gold. Not this gold. I don’t
      know why I bought this. It was one of those times where you’re standing in CVS and you don’t want to waste the opportunity of the buy one get one 50% off sale, so I decided to try out these shadows. The shadows are actually pretty decent but yellowish golds just look weird on me and the other shades are super shimmery, so I need to pull out other shadows to create a whole look.
  • “Brow Bar to Go” by Whitening Lightning/Gerard CosmeticsIMG_4527
    • I bought this wayyy back in the day because of Carli Bybel. I’m sure some of you have bought things just because a cool Youtuber likes it. But that’s not a real reason to buy something for yourself. Luckily I only spent $15 on this on Hautelook, and not the overly inflated price on the company website. This brow palette is too warm for me, and it’s barely pigmented at all. The wax feels gross on my face, and it eventually leaves a hard film on top of the powders. I never use this anymore.
  • Maybelline Color TattoosIMG_4528
    • Ah, another hyped product. I don’t really hate the formula of these. They are pretty okay as far as cream eyeshadows go. And bad to the bronze is a pretty color. But I never reach for these because they take too long to open, use, put the lid back on, put away, then put my real eyeshadow on top. (#firstworldproblems) I’ve had them for 1-2 years and they are drying out without me hitting pan.
  • Maybelline Color Elixir in Vision in VioletIMG_4523
    • Guys, I swear, I really do like Maybelline. But I just don’t THINK sometimes when I’m buying their products. I don’t know why I thought I needed a Barney purple lip gloss. This is just too much for my basic ass to pull off on any day of the week. The formula of these glosses is fab but the smell & taste is gross and might actually make you vomit.



So that’s all I have for today! Please keep in mind that this post is supposed to be lighthearted and mostly me laughing at myself for making poor decisions. I don’t think most of these are terrible products, but they just did not work for me.

What are your product regrets? Let me know in the comments!


❤ Jen



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