Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette Swatches & Review

About a week ago, I picked up the (relatively) new palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills “Modern Renaissance” palette. This palette is full of warm orange, red, and berry toned shadows inspired by colors commonly used by artists during Europe’s renaissance era.

DSC06933 (2)

Here are my thoughts:


The packaging on this palette is cardboard with a magnetic closure and lined with a felt/suede type fabric on the outside. It comes with a dual ended brush (that I forgot to photograph) that is actually pretty nice – it includes a smudge brush and blending brush. The suede outer packaging can really get dirty easily so that’s a bummer if you like to keep all of your makeup in a bag. Another downside is that each shadow is only 0.02 oz, where a typical full-sized shadow is around 0.05 oz.

DSC06946 (2)DSC06945 (2)

You can’t really see the ingredients very well (sorry! they are hard to read in person too) Sephora has the full ingredients list on their product page. This product, as the rest of her brand, is cruelty free.



All of these swatches are one-swipe. I took this photo in indirect sunlight, and adjusted the brightness to make it look how it looks in real life. As you can see, most of these shadows are VERY pigmented. The two stars of the show, Love Letter and Venetian Red, are drier than the other shadows and don’t swatch as strongly (I think they apply fine with a brush though). I think there is a good variety of colors in this palette to create lots of very different looks.

Application & Formula:

These shadows are highly pigmented and very soft. You need a gentle hand when sipping your brush in or you will kick up a lot of product and waste it. And you don’t want that, considering the small pan sizes.

I think these shadows blend like an absolute dream – you can work with them a lot but they don’t overblend and get muddy. Love Letter and Venetian Red are not as pigmented so you can dip your brush in a little harder but I think they blend just the same as the other colors.

Here are two looks I’ve done with this palette:

Both looks have very different colors (and lighting, sorry!) but these are just two looks of I think many that can be done with this palette.

Pros & Cons:


  • Pigmented
  • Blendable
  • Great color selection
  • Comes with great brush


  • Small pan sizes
  • Packaging gets dirty easily


Overall Thoughts:

I really do think this palette is amazing. If you are someone who is into these kinds of colors, I think this is a must-buy. It would look really nice for fall looks especially!


❤ Jen



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