Kylie Lip Kit Review

Kylie Cosmetics is one of the most controversial makeup brands out there. It seems like a lot of people love or hate the Kardashian/Jenner clan. I personally am indifferent towards them; I used to like their show but I don’t really pay attention to them anymore.

Either way, whether you hate Kylie Jenner or love her, Kylie’s brand has BLOWN up and been super successful from its day of launch. Now that her store has most stock available at any given time, my curiosity to try one of her lip kits led me to finally buy one. Between the lip kit and shipping, my total was about $38. (I think the shipping cost is absolutely ridiculous.) I bought the shade Koko K, a nude pink.

I’ve worn it 3 times now for long periods of time and here are my thoughts:

Packaging:DSC06940 (2)DSC06942 (2)

So I really like the packaging. Everything is just super cute. It seems like the writing will not fade off the tube of the liquid lip. I LOVE the design of the box, and it’s great in blog pictures. From an internet search, it seems the lip kits are cruelty free.

Application & Swatches:

The application of both the lip liner and lipstick are very  smooth. The liner is creamy and pigmented and you don’t have to pull at your lips. For the lipstick, I was able to cover my whole lips with the product that was on the applicator from pulling it out. It is a thin formula that’s easy to spread. It was not streaky or anything.  The lipstick has a very strong butterscotch smell. It goes away once the lipstick is fully dry. The lipstick dries a bit darker than it applies. It almost looks like a rosy/mauvey nude on my NC20 skin. Upon drying, it feels matte but fairly comfortable. Here are some swatches:

The left is freshly applied and the right is fully dry. This is in indoor lighting/indirect sunlight.


Here is is on my lips in office lighting. It looks much more cool-toned here. I’m about a MAC NC20 and this is more of a “my-lips-but-better” shade rather than a true nude.


This liquid lipstick lasts pretty well. It will hold up to pretty much all drinks and non-greasy foods. I wore this at work through breakfast and lunch and touched up only the inner parts of my lips after lunch. I wore it out to another lunch and didn’t feel the need to touch up after at all. It depends on what you eat and how carefully you eat it. Since this is a nude shade, I can get away with it not looking 100% perfect. It was fine when I reapplied color – it did not get crumbly and it didn’t feel drier from adding another layer. I think this formula is great for a night out or as an everyday thing if your lips aren’t very dry. (mine are ALWAYS dry!)

Pros & Cons:


  • Comfortable
  • Great Application
  • Long wearing and resistant to food
  • Trendy colors


  • Shipping Cost
  • Often out of stock

The question you’re all thinking – is it ColourPop with a markup???

Well, the lip liner definitely is. The YouTuber Stephanie Nicole did an initial review of the lip kits and showed the same exact ingredients in this video. The packaging looks & feels like ColourPop except black instead of white. It applies exactly the same. The only reason to really get the lip KIT instead of a single liquid lipstick from Kylie is if you want the lip liner to match the shade exactly.

The liquid lipstick… I personally don’t think is the same. I know that the formula is VERY similar to ColourPop and that they share the same first few ingredients. Stephanie Nicole did a review when Kylie changed her formula and compared the ingredients to ColourPop in this video. The formulas are indeed very similar. I think that Kylie’s apply easier and are more pigmented. I also think that Kylie’s formula is more comfortable. There are a LOT of ingredients in each formula, and I think that Kylie’s has some stuff or is leaving out stuff so that hers are more comfortable while maintaining a really long wear time. I do not think they wear exactly the same. I have pretty dry lips, so my lips are picky about liquid lipsticks, and ColourPop’s are definitely drier. For some anecdotal evidence – months ago I fell asleep wearing a ColourPop LL and woke up and my lips were DEAD – cracked and peeling. I fell asleep wearing the Kylie LL the night I got it and when I woke up, my lips were a little dry but fine. The formulas are different.

That said – if you are looking for a very bulletproof liquid lipstick but you don’t want to break the bank, I’d go for ColourPop. Their formula is comparable enough, comes in a ton of colors, wears like superglue, and is cheap. If you want a comfortable liquid lipstick, go with Stila or Dose of Colors. If you want something in between all of those and don’t mind the price tag, go with Kylie.


I hope this review was helpful to any of you curious about Kylie’s formula! Overall I do think it is a good product, if a bit overpriced. I will probably end up buying a couple more because I do enjoy the formula and I think she has really nice shades.

❤ Jen




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