Bite Beauty Holiday 2016 Lip Sets Swatches & Review! 

Holiday sets are probably some of the most exciting makeup to come out every year! There always seem to be certain releases that are super popular & cause a big stir. For 2016, the Bite Beauty Lip Sets were among them. I picked up both of these during the VIB sale this year for 20% off. I believe both of these sets are still in stock as of right now! Here are my thoughts:


Both sets come in a small red tin with 4 mini sized lip products. One has their amuse bouche lipstick formula and the other has the matte lip pencil formula. They are in black tubes with velvety matte casings. The packing is nice and sleek but the only way to differentiate between the shades is to open them or check the labels on the bottom. 


  • The amuse bouche formula is very creamy. It is very pigmented and feels very comfortable on the lips. They have a satin cream finish. These are not meant to be long lasting but are meant to be extremely comfortable, which they are. 
  • The matte lip pencils are stiffer than the lipsticks and are more pigmented. They have a matte finish, but not a dry matte finish like a liquid lipstick. These are longer lasting than the lipsticks and very comfortable. 


Here are some hand swatches of all the shades:

On the lips, Truffle is a bit patchy. I recommend using a lip liner with it (ColourPop creature is perfect). I love the nude shades in the lipstick set and have worn them a lot to work. I like that the pencil set has reds in it for the holidays. The orchid color is a lot more wearable than you would think from looking at the packaging. 


I recommend the lipstick set over the lip pencil set just because of the patchiness of the truffle shade and that they are less wearable than the lipstick shades. But if you are a lip product junkie, I recommend both of these sets. I think the price is very fair and the formulas are great. Not to mention all of the shades are permanent so you can buy a full size of a shade if you run out. 
What holiday sets have you picked up? Do you like them? 

💜 Jen 

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