Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette: Swatches & Review

The Sweet Peach Palette by Too Faced is a super popular eyeshadow palette right now. It was originally launched last spring as a limited edition palette, and then brought back this past December as a permanent item. This palette was hyped like CRAZY when it first launched and it’s being hyped again since its relaunch. I ordered this palette the day it was available on Too Faced’s website and I think I’ve had enough time to play with it for a full review, so here it is:



The packaging of this palette is really cute. The outer case transitions from a light pink to orange, with peach in the middle. The case is tin with a magnetic closure. It has a decent sized mirror on the inside too. The palette smells like peach candy. So if you are sensitive to smells, you may want to reconsider this palette because the smell is strong as soon as you open the palette. The smell does not linger once the shadows are on the eyes.


I don’t have a photo of the ingredients, because they are printed so small on the packaging that they’re hard to read even in person. The ingredients are listed on the product page on the Too Faced website. This product is cruelty free, although Too Faced was very recently purchased by Estee Lauder, which is not a cruelty free company.


Here are swatches of all the shades, with finger swatches on the left and brush swatches on the right. I used a flat synthetic brush to do the brush swatches. The finger swatches are one swipe. The brush swatches were moved back and forth but no product was added to make them more opaque. I didn’t use any kind of primer.


So as you can see, the finger swatches are obviously better for most of the shades. The darker shades in this palette tend to be more patchy, specifically “Delectable” and “Talk Derby to Me.” The shades “Just Peachy” and “Tempting” feel dry to the touch but aren’t as patchy as the other two. Everything else in this palette feels soft and is pigmented.

To me this palette isn’t super “peachy,” if you take away the two peach shades, it looks like a normal neutral eyeshadow palette with mostly warm undertones. Just something to think about if you’re interested in this palette because of the peach colors.

Application & Wear Time:

In my experience, these shadows apply nicely on the eyes. The mattes are nice and blendable which is perfect for crease colors. I do think that “Bless her heart” and “Talk derby to me” end up just looking black when they are blended out and lose a lot of the color.

With primer, these shadows are a lot more pigmented than in the swatches above and last a long time on the eyes. I think that overall the formula of these eyeshadows is very good even if the darker shades could use some work.


I really enjoy using this palette and I’m glad I bought it. I think that most people would get a lot of use out of this palette. It doesn’t have a lot of peachy shades but it is really good for basic warm shadows.

That’s all!

❤ Jen



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