Tarte Rainforest of the Sea: Volume II Swatches & Review!

I got this palette as a gift this Christmas and I feel like I’ve used it enough now to write a full review! This is an eyeshadow palette from Tarte and is part of their Rainforest of the Sea line. It is a permanent item and is a Sephora exclusive. It retails for $36 and comes with 8 shades.


The packaging for this palette is really nice. The design on the front is really pretty, and the gold trim and casing makes it look really summery. The packaging is a heavy plastic with a mirror covering the entire underside of the lid. This palette is perfect for travel.


I threw out my box, but here is a link to the product page with the ingredients. The shade pearl has a different formula than the rest of the palette, and this is noticeable to me when applying them to the eyes. All tarte products are cruelty free.


Here are finger and brush swatches. Finger on the left, one swipe. Brush on the right, one application with a flat synthetic brush. I didn’t use any primer for these swatches.


These shadows swatch beautifully with the fingers. These shadows are very creamy feeling and so they apply really nicely with the fingers (but they are powders!). In the brush swatches you can see some patchiness with marina and seaside, the matte browns that would normally be the work horses in a palette like this. The color scheme to me doesn’t seem super cohesive. The entire palette is neutral/warm except for breezy and riptide, which are basically a taupe and a navy blue. It does have an overall nautical/beachy theme which is cute.

Application & Wear Time:

These shadows are a very unique formula in that you kind of have to poke them with a brush to get the pigment on it. Swiping lightly with a brush will not work because of the dense, creamy formulation. But make sure to not get too much on your brush or the shadow will apply in chunks and stick to itself. I don’t think these shadows blend particularly well… especially the matte shades. I feel like my eyeshadow never looks super blended and looks a bit sloppy whenever I use this palette. The color that I like the most is pearl, which is the one with a different formula. I think it’s just really easy to work with. It’s hard to see in the swatch photo but pearl is a really pretty frosty white shade which is nice for highlighting and brightening the eyes. These shadows last for a whole work day with primer.


I think this palette is okay. It swatches really nice but the formula is weird with brushes. The shadows don’t blend well. I appreciate that tarte maybe wanted a more creamy formula for that summer vibe, but I really like the formula of their tartelette in bloom palette much better. I think that unless you are very interested in these colors, you should go for one of the tartelette palettes instead.

❤ Jen



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