Tartelette In Bloom Palette Swatches & Review

The Tartelette in Bloom palette is a hugely popular neutral palette from Tarte. It contains 12 colors in neutral, warm, and cool undertones and contains both matte and shimmer shades.


Here are my thoughts:


The packaging of this palette is GORGEOUS. It has a pink & purple watercolor front with gold lettering, a mirrored gold back, and a large mirror on the inside. This is probably my favorite palette to look at.


I don’t have the ingredients list handy, but they are available on the tarte product page. Tarte products are cruelty free, but they are owned by a brand that does test on animals. This palette is not vegan because it contains carmine.


Here are finger and brush swatches of every shade with no primer. For each color, the finger swatch is on the left and the brush swatch is on the right.


In my opinion, most of these swatch great. The exceptions being the brush swatch for firecracker and the finger swatch for leader. This palette is great in that the brush swatches really stand on their own and in some cases even look better than the finger swatches.

As you can see, there are no pops of color and I would say this palette leans mostly neutral-warm but jetsetter, rocker, and smokeshow are more cool toned if you don’t ALWAYS want a warm eye look.

Application & Formula:

These shadows really apply like a dream. They check off all of the things we all want: pigmented, blendable, long-lasting. The palette kind of smells similar to the Too Faced chocolate bar palettes which is pretty nice.

My only issue with this palette, and I think you can see it in the swatches – is the lack of mid-tone mattes. The only one is really the shade rebel. On my skin tone, about half of the palette is highlights, transition shades, or very subtle crease shades, and then it jumps to quite dark crease shades. Now this is okay with me only because the shades are very blendable so I can make it work, but a beginner might have a hard time with that.


I think this is a fantastic eyeshadow palette and I completely understand why it’s so popular. I think the packaging draws a lot of people in at the store, but the product inside is definitely worthy of the packaging and I think this is a great palette to check out if you’re looking for a neutral palette.

❤ Jen



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