Glossier boy brow Review

Ever since middle school when I plucked the shit out of my eyebrows, I’ve had really thin, sparse brows. It was the trend back then, okay? But I was also stupid and plucked every hair that I thought was too dark and made my brows look too “bushy.” *eyeroll*

Since then I have pretty much stopped plucking my brows with the exception of the occasional super stray hairs. For the past year I’ve plucked them maybe like two times, but alas, my brows are still as sparse as the Charlie Brown christmas tree.

SO I have tried a TON of brow products the past few years in an attempt to achieve #eyebrowgoals. I’m going to review my most recent brow product purchase – Glossier boy brow.


So Glossier’s (gloss-ee-ay) minimalist “effortless cool girl” aesthetic is pretty cute. Their philosophy is “skin first, makeup second,” and the packaging is really no-thrills. There’s a lot of pink in their packaging, which I’m all about.

img_6038The boy brow in particular comes in a white tube with a silver colored lid, and inside is a very small brow spoolie with the product on it.

I immediately noticed that this product is similar to my Benefit Gimme Brow. The tubes are about the same size and they contain about the same amount of product (boy brow has more and is $8 cheaper). They have the same type of super small brush to reach all of those teeny tiny baby brow hairs.

I find the packaging to be good – I like that the brush doesn’t clump up with product so I don’t have to wipe it before applying. It makes using the product a quick process, which is supposed to kinda be the whole point of this brand.


  • Cruelty Free
  • Fragrance Free

Full ingredients list on their page!


The fun part! Here is a before and after of boy brow on me, I use the shade brown:

So you can see that it makes my brows just look thicker and hairier. I probably could also easily wear the blond shade since my hair is more of a light brown, but I went with the brown so that I could use this as a one-step brow routine. I like the way they look full but natural with this product. Honestly, this is what I thought Benefit gimme brow would be. I’m glad I found something that actually gives this effect.

Now I do need to say that if you need to do any outlining, shaping, full on creation of life to your brows – do that first and boy brow second. Boy brow doesn’t like to play with others so trying to go in with a pencil or powder after boy brow is on may result in disaster.


Boy brow definitely gives some hold to the brows without making them hard or crunchy, and the pigmentation stays put through a work day and then some. I do also spray my entire face with a setting spray every day so that may also help.


I absolutely love this product and will definitely repurchase. I love that it comes in blond, brown, black, and clear so that there is something for everyone. I think the price point is perfect for this product. Glossier does free shipping over $30 and free returns. I’ve heard good things about their customer service so that’s definitely a plus for an online-only brand.

I just ordered their blushes that launched today so keep an eye out for a review on those.

If you are interested in Glossier, you can click here for 20% off your first order!***

❤ Jen



***This is a referral link. If you purchase with my 20% off code, I will get $10 off my next order with Glossier. Just trying to be transparent! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Glossier boy brow Review

  1. I plucked my brows to death back in school too – I don’t know why we thought it was the good look! I’m always looking for brow products to try too, this might be worth a try. Thanks for the review!

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