Too Faced Peanut Butter & Honey Palette Review

Too Faced is well known for its food-themed palettes. The latest, sort of a spiritual successor to the Peanut Butter & Jelly Palette, is the Peanut Butter & Honey Palette. I’ve used it several times now and so I have a good idea of my full thoughts on it. Here is my review!


DSC07458 (2)

In my opinion, Too Faced packaging is super cute. It’s very feminine and whimsical, but some people find it childish and tacky. I like it! The palette itself is made of the tin material that they use for all of their current 9-pan palettes and chocolate bar palettes.

The smell is… I don’t like it! It smells very artificial to me. Not like real peanut butter or honey at all.

Color Selection:


Okay, so here’s where my critique begins with this palette. The color selection is really lacking in my opinion. You have three super light shades taking up most of the product in the palette. I’m about a MAC NC20 and yes, that pink is still a highlight shade for me. “Peanut Butter” and “Feelin Nutty” are very similar in depth and only differ in undertone. There is only one deeper shade and it is a shimmer. There is only one yellow shade in the palette and it is matte and can vaguely look like a bruise if you aren’t deliberate with your application. They could have included a really pretty gold shimmer shade that would have added a lot to this palette. I think that if you have deeper skin, this palette is an automatic no.


DSC07447 (2)

Here are finger swatches of the palette. So creamed honey, the first shade, swatches terribly. It is sheer and dry to the touch. Everything else swatched decently or well in my opinion. In this photo you can see how all three mid-tone brown shades are almost dupes of each other on the skin.

Application & Formula

For me, these shadows worked nicely with brushes and blended out easily. They are definitely not a super pigmented formula but are buildable and workable. These shadows lasted me all day with primer. I think the formula is pretty good honestly.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I think this is just an okay palette. It is really only good for doing warm-toned natural looks. The shade selection is definitely lacking. But the formula really is good and I think that $36 for nine eyeshadows is not a bad price. I would only buy this palette if you are into warm shadows, natural looks, and are interested in that yellow shade. For me, I hit all of that criteria and this palette was a gift so I will definitely “bee” keeping it.

❤ Jen



7 thoughts on “Too Faced Peanut Butter & Honey Palette Review

  1. The packaging is very cute, as usual. The big shades don’t look good indeed, even for a fairer skin.. I mean yeah, maybe one pale shade, and the rest a bit deeper, but all three of them.. aghh, not really appealing. Thanks for the honest review xx

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