Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette Review

I have a very exciting review for you!! The highly hyped eyeshadow palette collaboration between Morphe Brushes and YouTuber Jaclyn Hill – The Jaclyn Hill palette!! I ordered this on launch day, got it on Tuesday, and I’ve used it about 5 times already so I feel like I can give a solid review here.


Here is a picture of the outer packaging, the inside, and the small card with the shade names:

DSC07593DSC07594So the packaging is just okay to me. The white and silver design is cute, but the cardboard does not have any sort of coating on it to keep it from getting dirty. You can see already how dirty mine is! I think that also for the price of this palette, the shade names should have been printed on the palette itself. I do like that the palette is nice and thin, but the packaging doesn’t seem worthy of a $38 palette.


There has been a little bit of drama over the ingredients and “is this a new formula?” so I took a picture of the exact ingredients on the box. This formula is almost identical to the Morphe 25 pan palettes but with the exception of Kaolin added as the third ingredient. Some people will label this as “the same” formula but in cosmetics, ingredients are listed in order of quantity, so the Kaolin being the 3rd ingredient listed means that these formulas are actually pretty different in reality.


This palette is cruelty free. There has also been speculation about this, but cruelty free kitty explained them confirming this here.


Here comes some in depth swatches row to row. I did a on-swipe finger swatch then s brush swatch of each. The brush swatches were loaded up once but smoothed out a little to be a little more realistic compared to actually applying them to the eyes. This is all with no primer.


Row 1: the last shadow is first because I ran out of room swatching. So you can see that the brush swatches are obviously lighter than finger swatches. The shimmers lose a lot of that foiled look with a brush. The mattes are not super pigmented but these ones are transition shades meant for blending out darker shades, so I don’t have a problem with that. I don’t like that the highlight shades are almost exactly the same – it seems redundant.


Row 2: This row feels really similar to the Natasha Denona sunset palette. This row swatches better than the first as the shades are deeper. You can see you get a lot of warm transition shades in this palette. The ones in this row are darker than the first row which is good for building depth in the crease.


Row 3: This row has a lot of pretty burgundy-esque colors. The first and last shimmer in this row brush swatched terribly. I found they were a LOT better packed on with a brush on a primed eye.


Row 4: The brush swatches for all but the last two of these were disappointing. They really need to be patted on, preferably damp, or applied with the fingers for best results. The last two perform really well which is super important because these are the kind of colors that most people will use often.


Row 5: The brush swatches on the last two disappointed me, but these are the kind of shades I use with pencil and detail brushes and they do that well. The teal on the left is absolutely gorgeous and I don’t own anything like it.

Overall the color selection is very nice in this palette. However, I do think it could have used a matte cream shade instead of two nearly identical highlight shades. I also think a cool toned transition shade should have been included to use with the taupes, purples, and greens in the palette.


The shimmers in this palette are insane. They give that really beautiful foiled look when used with the fingers or a damp brush, but you can always use a dry brush if you’re okay with the subtle shimmer. All of the shimmers feel similar and have a very “wet” feeling to the touch.

The mattes all feel different – some are softer and some are drier but I have found that they build and blend super easily but do not overblend and become muddy. This, in my opinion is more important than super high pigmentation when it comes to mattes.

These shadows last 12+ hours on me without creasing. I have dry skin and use eye primer so if you have oily eyelids you might not get quite as much wear.

Overall Thoughts

This is my first purchase from Morphe as I have always seen them as a typical cheap online brand. That and their private labeling and endless discount codes turned me off. However I was impressed with the relatively smooth purchase experience for such a huge launch and the fast shipping time. I am VERY impressed with the quality of the shadows and I do think the price is fair, but I would have been happier with it if the packaging were nicer. I am already now considering purchasing some brushes from Morphe to get some smaller blending brushes. I highly recommend this palette as I think it has a great formula and has a lot of shades to offer! I think the format of the palette also sparks a lot of creativity in me to do different looks every time I use it.

This palette is currently sold out but I do not believe it is limited edition and it will definitely be restocked multiple times. You can use the code JACATTACK (Jaclyn’s code) for 15% off your entire purchase!

I’d love to hear thoughts from you guys!

❤ Jen




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