IT Cosmetics CC Cream Review

The IT Cosmetics CC Cream is a product that has been around for a long time and it has almost a cult like following. I bought this because I am running low on my NARS Tinted Moisturizer and since NARS is no longer cruelty free, I needed a replacement. Here are my thoughts:


This CC cream comes in a tube with an attached pump and a cap for the pump.


To me, this is the ideal packaging for foundations because it’s sanitary and the tube/pump setup makes sure you get all of the product out of the tube. This comes with 1.08 oz of product, which is a little bit more than the typical 1 oz you get with most foundations.


Here are the ingredients from the acutal box, but if it’s hard to read, you can find it on the product page!


So you can see that there are a TON of ingredients in this product. It is meant to be a multi-functioning product like most other BB/CC creams. This product is cruelty free but is not vegan. This product has an SPF of 50+, BUT for sunscreen to actually be effective in makeup,  it needs to be applied evently, and you need to use at least 1/4 teaspoon to have a thick enough layer for the actual SPF protection.


IMG_6777.JPGSo this is the CC cream actually on my face! I also have on a little bit of corrector under my eyes, brows, mascara, and the BECCA backlight primer.

This feels really silky to the touch and blends out really easily. It has light coverage. It covers most of my redness on my cheeks and nose, but also lets my freckles show through.

Once I apply come concealer in my redder spots, I find this to look very natural and a good amount of coverage for every day.



This product isn’t specifically formulated to be long lasting, but when I use primer, powder, and setting spray, it lasts me through a whole work day.

Overall Thoughts

I really LOVE this product. It looks natural and doesn’t emphasize any dryness. It’s really great for more natural makeup days. You definitely don’t NEED a primer with it, and it has a good amount of SPF in it for lazy days.

What is your favorite BB/CC cream?

❤ Jen




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