Anti Haul: What I’m Not Going to Buy! 

Hello everyone! It’s been a minute. I just took the professional engineering exam so studying was taking up a lot of my free time! I find out if I passed in December!

I’ve actually been on a huge break from makeup shopping. I’ve spent maybe $20 a month on makeup which is a HUGE difference from my past spending. I’ve just realized I have a ton of stuff, and I will never be able to use it up and appreciate it. And mostly that I don’t really need ANYTHING because I have so many products that cover all of my potential makeup needs.

So if you’ve never read an anti haul post or seen an anti haul video, basically it’s me listing products I’m NOT going to buy and the reasons why. If you are interested in these products: please do not be offended! Makeup is SO personal and everyone has different wants and needs.

So let’s just jump in!


Natasha, natasha. Are you serious with these $240 palettes???!??!? I don’t care how “amaaaaazing” these shadows are, or “blah blah blah, price per gram isn’t that bad!” Get out of here. No eyeshadow palette is worth $240! I have so many AMAZING shadows for a fraction of this price and I will NEVER use up these shadows to justify the price tag. In my opinion, these shadows are only a good buy for high end professional makeup artists.

  • Too Faced Just Peachy Matte Eyeshadow Palette

I don’t have anything against this palette really. But it adds literally nothing to my life. The only unique shades here are the peach shade and the red shades. I already own similar enough shades between my sweet peach palette and modern renaissance palette. I have all of the neutral browns and beiges in my kat von d shade + light eye palette. I think the packaging is super cute, I love the peach theme, but I don’t need this and I’m not going to buy it.

  • Tartelette Toasted Palette

I own the Tartelette in Bloom palette and it might just be my favorite palette ever. That said, this palette has literally zero shades that I don’t already own. I feel like tarte was WAY late on the warm neutrals trend here, and I’m sure people new to makeup will love this palette, but I don’t need it and I’m not gonna buy it!

  • Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

See above.

  • Big Ass Holiday Sets

Do I need 17,000 shades of the same lipstick formula – shades that I can’t pick out? No. Do I need a giant cardboard palette with consistently sub-par-holiday-quality shadows? (Ahem, tarte and too faced.) No. You don’t need this shit! You won’t use all the shades and it will just be clutter in you drawer. Very few brands do holiday collections right, and many brands release products  that don’t live up to the quality in their permanent lines. The only “holiday” product I’m buying is the urban decay setting spray duo during the VIB sale because I know I will use it anyway so I’m going to get it at a better price.

  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics

I’m not going to get into the details about why Jeffree Star is an awful person, but his past racism and constant vile remarks to people all over the Internet make me never want to buy from his brand. He is a truly toxic person and he isn’t getting any of my money.


What are you NOT spending your money on?? I love reading anti-hauls!

❤ Jen




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